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Long Haul Getaways

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Why Long Haul Getaways?

Dubai and Beyond

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Frequently Asked Questions

LA is the home of Hollywood stars of the tv and film industries and millionaires. It's land of ambition, dreams, and success. With its lavish houses, gorgeous beaches, and designer shops, it's no wonder the A-listers make LA their home!
Yes, Dubai has some of the lowest crime rates in the world, so you won't have any trouble here — even violent crimes and pickpockets are rare!
Mexican peso is the official currency of Cancun. To enjoy your holiday to the max, make sure you switch your pounds for peso before you hit Hotel Zone.
Barbados is one of the most luxurious beach destinations in the world. That's thanks to its location — just off the Caribbean coast. These beaches have pristine white sands all backed by swaying palm trees, which just keep people coming back for more.
The Indonesian rupiah is the official currency of Bali.
Long-haul getaways are often better value for families compared to a budget friendly break. That's because many include a luxury hotel packed with plenty of activities, food and drinks. It's a chance for the whole family to embrace a brand new culture — what could be better than that?!
It's no secret, many long-haul getaways take you to luxurious far-flung places, which you can only dream of! They offer sheer indulgence, a change to appreciate new cultures and ultimate escapism.
A long-haul getaway usually has a flight time of over six hours. It may take a longer, but good things in life come to those who wait!
Long-haul getaways bring the wow factor, so it's no surprise some can be a little pricey. That's not to say they're not unachievable though. Lots of long haul getaways have fab All Inclusive package deals which are often more affordable than your average budget friendly break. At Travel Republic we've got SUPER low deposits, meaning if you pay monthly, you could be jetting off to your dream destination from just £100 a month!