Malta is an archipelago located in the Mediterranean Sea just below Sicily, but a speck in comparison. Even though it is a European island, it is located further south than some African countries such as the capital of Tunisia and Algeria.


There are 18 uninhabited islands forming part of the archipelago, three of which are inhabited – Malta, Gozo and Comino. In this blog we take a look at what these beautiful islands have to offer.


For such a small country, Malta is bursting with beautiful landscapes, breath-taking architecture and lots of amazing things to do.

We’ll start with the miniature city of Valletta. The capital of Malta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which has a huge concentration of elegant 16th century architecture. The walled city was built on a small peninsula barely a kilometre long but it’s brimming with great things to do and see, like the Grand Master’s Palace – once home to the Knights of St. John. It still holds suits of armour and weaponry that date back to the 1500’s!

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Then there’s the Upper Barrakka Gardens & Saluting Battery where the medieval knights would catch the breeze after wearing those heavy suits all day. Within the pristine gardens you can find some great balconies where you can enjoy some of the best views in the whole of Malta.

A stroll through the streets alone will feel like being in an outdoor museum. There’s a strong personality about Valletta so you get a unique feeling for the place as soon as you arrive.

One of the most popular areas in Malta is in the northern region of St. Paul’s Bay. The neighbouring resorts of Qawra and Bugibba have lots of amazing hotel options and it’s a great place to base yourself if you want to explore more of Malta.

Bugibba has attractive sandy beaches which are perfect for lounging around in the pleasant Mediterranean sun. Top of the list of things to do in the area is probably the Malta National Aquarium. It’s super fun and it has brilliant views of the bay.


Qawra is right at the tip of the region and a perfect place to spend your late afternoons. We’d suggest taking a walk along the promenade as the sun sets over this charming island.

Mellieha is definitely up there as one of the best areas to stay in Malta. The sand is fine, and the Mediterranean waters are warm. The beach is full of things to do for those of you that are adrenaline-fuelled, like water skiing and windsurfing. Or maybe just basking in the shallow seas is more your thing? The town itself is typically Maltese and holds a lot of character with its striking architecture and pretty streets.


Not too far from Mellieha is the intriguing Sweethaven. You might hear it being referred to as Popeye Village because it was actually a purpose-built set for the 1980 movie starring Robin Williams. The bizarre little village has now become a tourist attraction with lots of things to do for the whole family. You can go inside the quirky shops, play on the water trampolines and even create your own movie! It’s colourful, bizarre, and surreal but it all makes for a very fun experience and it’s not to be missed. Mellieha also serves as a portal to explore more of the Maltese archipelago.


Gozo & Comino

Gozo is a great place for a day trip and there are lots of tours that run from Mellieha or Bugibba. There’s also a good choice of hotels on the island if you’d prefer to stay there and enjoy a quieter life.


Here, one of the most visited sites is the beautiful Ramla l-Ħamra, a large beach of unusual red sand nestling by countryside.

The even smaller island of Comino, sandwiched between Malta and Gozo, probably has the best swimming spot of all the islands and is most noted for its stunning Blue Lagoon – a cove in the west of the island with clear, tranquil waters and soft white sand.


The snorkelling is great but there’s no shade, so no respite from the sun. So make sure you protect yourself if you plan on spending the afternoon here.

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