The Top Ten Best Holiday Destinations in October

As the nights are beginning to draw closer and the weather starts to take a turn for the worse, it can really put a downer on your mood. If you hate the idea of shivering and turning the heating up full blast then we think it’s time you booked yourself some autumnal sun to break up those chilly nights – don’t you? If you’re not too sure where it is that you want to jet off too, take a look at our top ten October holiday destinations below.



The perfect place for affordable winter sun that’s only four hours away from home. If you fancy some peace and quiet then head to the delightfully stunning town of Los Cristianos on the southwest coast or choose the tourist haven that is Playas De Las Amèricas, which has six beaches and a lively nightlife scene. Indulge yourself with one of the many activities that the island has to offer such as scuba diving, horse riding, swimming and much more. But if you simply want to chill by the pool with a good book then the gorgeous weather will certainly let you do just that. For a holiday that offers it all, Tenerife is the one.

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If you’re looking for a city break that is still lovely and warm, then this is the one for you. October is one of the most beautiful times of years for Rome, where the evening light casts warm shadows across the city’s beautiful architecture.

Many of the schools across Europe have broken up around the third week of October so if you’re thinking of heading to Rome around that time then expect it to be a bit busy. However, in the Italian capital busy is normal; there’s an enticing buzz about it, the cafes and restaurants are in full swing and the atmosphere is both comforting and welcoming.

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With its gorgeous beaches, this lively Canary Island is packed full of things to keep you happy and entertained whilst you’re there. It’s great for families, couples who want to explore the secluded quiet areas or a large group of friends who want to take full advantage of its nightlife.

Shop till you drop at the Teguise market or head to chilled out Playa De Los Pocillos and shut off from the outside world. If you hire a car you can drive to one end of the island to the other very easily. Lanzarote is a great destination for a late beach holiday.

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Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

For a slightly more unusual holiday off the beaten track, how about visiting Ecuador and  Galapagos Islands in October? It’s the perfect time of year to go as the temperatures start to creep up after a cooler August and September and the end of the ‘garua season’ – otherwise known as mist season – draws near. This is where the mist covering the tops of the highland areas begins to break up, increasing the visibility and making some amazing sunrises over the volcanoes. Tourists can witness the stunning landscape at its finest.

There is still a lot of marine activity in October because the Antarctic Humbolt current is at its strongest during this month – so there are a lot of tropical fish to see and birds to spot.

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For another nearby holiday destination prioritising plenty of sun, Turkey is the perfect place. There are so many different activities on offer here – you can spend your time checking out striking architecture like the Blue Mosque, or look round the Roman ruins across the island.  Spend your days soaking up the atmosphere and lazing around on the white sands while looking out to the sea. There is a spot in Turkey to suit any holiday maker: Dalaman, Antalya, Marmaris, Oludeniz and Bodrum are all fantastic destinations.

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Mauritius is an island just off the southeast coast of Africa, approximately 900km from Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, meaning you will experience lots of blissful tropical weather. There is no better pairing than white sand and crystal-clear waters which Mauritius has to offer in abundance. Search the reefs for parrotfish, clown fish, and trumpet fish. You might even spot some sea turtles and dolphins. The west coast is home to some of the best diving sites and exotic marine life so be sure to get your flippers and snorkels out! Go and explore the exotic flowers and wildlife that are blooming during October as its spring time over there.

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Las Vegas

Now, Las Vegas could be a bit chillier in October so there are more reliable places to go to in terms of sun, but a holiday here is never completely about the weather. The vibe in Vegas is truly spectacular. Full of charismatic casinos, fancy hotels and great bars, the weather really won’t matter to you. But it will still be warm enough to wear light clothing, especially during the daytime when the temperatures are at their highest. Las Vegas is one of the most exciting cities in the world – you certainly won’t be bored when you’re there. Do some shopping or check out the many tourist attractions that it has to offer such as the High Roller and Stratosphere Tower. Or go for a hike around the Red Rock Canyon. The possibilities in Vegas are endless.

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Algarve, Portugal

Although the autumn rain tends to pick up towards the end of October because of the Algarve’s location it is still a great time to visit as the weather is still so warm. If you’re someone who prefers the thinner crowds as well, then this is perfect for you. It’s been said that some of the best months in the Algarve are the ones out of peak summer season.

Head down to one of the outdoor restaurants, take a walk down to the beach or take part in some water sports that are available. If you’re a fan of exploring then you’ll love it here, and with it being slightly cooler in October it’s the best time to take a look around the region. There are gorgeous castles atop hills to be uncovered, green countryside full of wild flowers and plenty of wildlife to admire from afar.

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Brazilian beaches are spectacular but the best ones are on the northeast coastline of Ceara and Bahia. It’s not hard to find what attracts people to this place at all with its palm fringe beaches and lovely little villages. If you’re into any kind of surfing, from windsurfing to kitesurfing, you must check out Jericoacoara which has 30-knot winds from July to December. Browse the romantic backstreets stocked with boutique hotels and gourmet restaurants. Explore the historic missions of Rio Grande do Sul. Go hang gliding over the whole of Rio, giving you a bird’s-eye view over the city and the forest. Or explore the wildlife in the Pantanal, home to big cats, reptiles and exotic birds.

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Crete, Greece

October is one of the best months to visit Crete as it’s not blistering hot like the summer months, making it bearable to go out and do things. It’s the perfect opportunity to visit some of the archaeological sites like Knossos, Aptera or the Minoan Palace as there won’t be as many visitors compared to the summer months. The Samaria Gorge closes to the public at the end of October so it is your last chance to hike this famous attraction till early May when it will re-open. If you are there towards the end of October, you will see the parades and commemorations of Oxi Day – or Ohi Day – on 28 October.

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Feeling in the mood for an October holiday? Then start browsing and get booking!



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