We all love a good deal when it comes to booking a holiday, don’t we? But although there are plenty of bargains to be found when searching for cheap holidays, it’s important not to overlook the vital details.

Follow this checklist to ensure you don’t miss out when booking a great value holiday!

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Do your homework on the resort

Unless you’re really laidback and not too concerned with where you go on holiday, don’t just book a particular resort without knowing your stuff about the place first. If all you need is a beach, a couple of places to eat and a decent hotel, you can’t go wrong – although ideally you should be checking out what activities might be available on the beach, the type of beach and so on. Is it family friendly? Quiet and secluded? Does it offer watersports? Is it surrounded by bars and cafes so you can easily cool off with a drink and grab a snack?

However, if you want to holiday in a location that has a vibrant nightlife or a resort packed with family friendly attractions, or even somewhere with dozens of designer shops on your doorstep, be more discerning in your decisions and spend time checking out potential destinations.

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Book through a reputable agency

Trust is vital when it comes to booking a holiday. In fact, it’s probably the most important factor! There are a multitude of options online when booking but reputation and trust cannot be overlooked. After all, you could be spending thousands of Euros on a two week holiday and you need to be confident that your money is safe, with a reputable agency involved.

Travel Republic is a bonded and licensed company through the bonding and licensing requirements of the Commission for Aviation Regulation (licence number TA0724).


Choose the perfect hotel – for you

Turning up at a hotel that doesn’t meet expectations will result in crushing disappointment and ruin any feel-good holiday factor. No one wants that! Make sure you’ve booked a hotel that perfectly suits your needs. Customer reviews are a brilliant way of getting a closer idea of what any hotel is really like. Plus, what kind of hotel is it, and what kind of hotel are you looking for? Large and busy, with plenty of other guests to mingle with, or a boutique-style hotel where things will be a little quieter? Does it offer all inclusive or half board options?

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What facilities are available to you as a guest?

This is particularly important if you’re holidaying with children, who will undoubtedly want to be entertained while you are away. If you’re looking to stay in a hotel, what facilities does it provide? Adults might be content with a bar and a restaurant, whereas children will be thrilled if there are also tennis courts, a football pitch, park, games room, and a kids club throughout the day and evening. If you’re looking at apartments, do you have easy access to a swimming pool and other amenities? Don’t end up in a place where boredom can easily set in!


Don’t forget your travel insurance

Definitely don’t forget to arrange travel insurance when booking a holiday. It’s not a luxury, it’s an essential – providing peace of mind and protection when away from home. Check any policy carefully to ensure it covers you and your family fully, should anything unfortunate occur. Don’t be tempted to ‘save’ money by going without insurance; it really is a false economy as even minor medical treatment could prove expensive.

Travel insurance

If you are travelling to another EU or EEA country then you might want to apply for a European Health Insurance Card or EHIC (formerly the E111 form) which allows the holder to access health care services .

Late checks

No matter how early you book your holiday, it’s always important to run through some late checks nearer departure time – making sure you know where your passports and travel documents, for example. Also, ensure you check the latest travel advice on

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