Ps. I love you in Wicklow National Park

When Holly’s husband Gerry passes away, she’s amazed to find that he’s left her a series of letters designed to help ease her grief and move on with a new chapter of her life, which includes taking her back to where they first met in Ireland.

What takes place at the scene: Holly believes she’s gotten lost in her search for the beautiful Wicklow Mountains in Ireland when she first meets Gerry, who informs her she’s been walking through them for a few hours already. The scale and beauty of the national park amazes both her and the audience.

People who starred: Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler, Kathy Bates, Lisa Kudrow, Gina Gershon

Year of release in UK: 2007

Insider blogger tips to Wicklow National Park

A driving tour of the gorgeous Wicklow Mountains will take you through the rolling moorland and hillsides stained with purple heather, that were featured in the film. To experience beautiful County Wicklow just drive an hour south of Dublin, or take the Wild Wicklow Tour which includes a stop at the Sally Gap and picturesque stone bridge where Holly and Gerry first meet. Although it’s not included in the film, be sure to visit the atmospheric ruins of Glendalough monastery, set in a glacial valley where you can feel the centuries of Irish history.

Fun Fact

Whereas the movie is split between Ireland and New York, the book is set entirely in Ireland.


For those wanting to recreate Holly and Gerry’s romantic stroll through fields filled with heather, the blooming period is late August to September.


Our couple first meet at the Sally Gap, in the Wicklow Mountains National Park, Ireland’s largest national park and the only one located in the east. Over one million visitors come each year, but due to its size, a sense of wilderness and isolation can easily be found.

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