Packing Hacks: Fit More in Your Hand Luggage

Packing can be a pain, especially when you’re trying to squeeze everything into hand luggage.

According to our recent study, unsurprisingly, many of you prefer to take hand luggage when you jet off on a city break – and we don’t blame you, as taking only hand luggage means that you will not have to pay to check in a bag – as well as avoiding the luggage carousel bingo when you arrive at your destination. Plus, carrying one small bag is better than lugging a huge suitcase to your hotel!

But, it can be tricky fitting everything into such a small space, so it’s no wonder almost half of people (polled in our recent survey) reported rolling clothes instead of folding, to apparently save precious space in your case.

Becoming a packing pro takes practice, and it’s a skill that’s often honed over many short breaks.

We’ve sourced some of the niftiest tips to ensure you get the most out of your limited luggage space.

Pack smart –create a holiday capsule wardrobe

The trick to clever packing is to make sure that the clothes that you have chosen to take with you match and can be worn a number of times. It’s important that you plan your holiday outfit combinations before you pack – don’t just throw in a bunch of clothes that you like and hope for the best. You could end up with a bunch of stuff that you love, but doesn’t go together!

Roll up, Roll up

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With almost half of you swearing by rolling your clothes up, in order to fit more in your hand luggage, we’ve looked at other ways of capitalising on that all-important suitcase space, here are our top hacks:

  1. Use the space in your shoes to store small items that could easily get lost in transit
    2. One for the girls – keep bra’s in shape by storing socks and other undergarments in the cup space
    3. Forget packing full-size skincare product, decant a small amount into a contact lens case for a few days’ supply
    4. Try to pack heavy items at the base of your luggage – even hand luggage can topple over at an inopportune moment
    5. Wear bulky items for the flight – you’ll have loads more room in your case

Write a checklist!

Two thirds of people in our survey report never forgetting any item when packing – there’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination needing an essential item you’ve left on the coffee table (travel adapter anyone?)

We’re only human, so the occasional forgetful moment is forgivable – collating a list might help you remember the essentials.

If you are travelling in a group, why not create a shared document between you. This can help to avoid having 4 pairs of hair straighteners or maps for the same place, in one hotel room!

Don’t forget to leave space for shopping!

And here’s a nightmare situation many are familiar with, almost a fifth of travellers have been forced to leave some of their belongings behind when returning home from a city break because they bought too much while there to fit it all in! So, if you’re planning to indulge in a little bit (or a lot!) of retail therapy whilst you’re away, then it’s worth remembering that you will have to bring it all back. So, be smart and leave some space for those shiny new purchases.

So, here’s your challenge, see how much you can squeeze into your city break case – unless you want to shop while you’re there, then travel light!



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