Lawrence of Arabia in Seville, Spain

The iconic film Lawrence of Arabia follows British Lieutenant T.E. Lawrence as he travels to Arabia and eventually leads the Arabs on an epic train-wrecking, camel-riding journey to defeat the Turks.

What takes place at the scene: A powerful scene is when Lawrence arrives at the British officers’ club with his companion, who’s refused a glass of lemonade. As they stagger into the grand and majestic building, the graceful arches of the Plaza de España can be seen portraying the magnificence and grandeur of the area.

People who starred: Peter O’Toole, Omar Sharif, Alec Guinness

Year of release in UK: 1962


Insider bloggers tips to Seville

Fans of Lawrence of Arabia don’t have to trek into the Jordanian desert to follow Peter O’Toole’s immortal footsteps, with much of the civilization scenes set in the Spanish city of Seville.

The Mujedar architecture, a blend of Moorish, Arabian and Gothic styles that Seville is famous for was perfect for the film and I spent days exploring the city, trying to match up my camera shots with the famous scenes. The Plaza de Espana doubled as Cairo where Lawrence first arrived at the British Army Headquarters and the Officers Club is actually the courtyard of the Hotel Alfonso XIII.

Fun Fact

The town of Aqaba was rebuilt in a dried river bed in southern Spain, where over 300 buildings were constructed.


Temperatures in Seville remain warm all year round, so for sightseeing it’s good to try the winter months, where the temperature rarely drops below 16°C.


The Plaza de España is located in Seville in the beautiful Parque de Maria on the Guadalquivir River. The grand semi-circular building beautifully reflects the colourful character of Spain, with each of its 48 alcoves representing each province of Spain.


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