The key to a great family holiday is to make it as enjoyable and relaxing as possible, that goes for both parents and children! With a little bit of planning and preparation, you can make sure your holiday is one to remember, so here are five tips to help you make it just that.

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1) Do your research


Does your hotel have a babysitting service? Is the pool suitable for kids? Try and find out these key bits of information before you book, that way you can rest assured in the knowledge that the kids will be able to splash in the pool to their heart’s content, and the grown-ups can enjoy some peace and quiet! Did you know you can use the search filters on our website to help you narrow down your perfect getaway? Check the ‘facilities menu’ to tick off your must-haves, from babysitting and childcare, to children’s clubs and swimming pools.

2) Pack smart


Here’s a packing tip any seasoned travelling parent will tell you: split your clothes across multiple suitcases when you can. This way, if the worst happens and a suitcase goes missing, you’ll all still have clothes to wear for your holiday. To make the most of limited suitcase space, roll your clothes instead of folding them – this helps to keep away the creases too!

3) Prepare for rainy days


A big reason for getting on a plane and flying to another country is the promise of better weather, but even when travelling to the hottest countries during summer months, there’s still no absolute guarantee that it won’t rain. Make sure you pack some activities for the kids if you do get stuck indoors, like a card game or a tablet for them to watch movies. Remember to pack a good book for yourself too! Also, do a little research on localised attractions or activities that are indoors.

4) Snacks for the journey


So now you’re prepared for your holiday, but what about the journey to your holiday? We’re all known to get a bit ‘hangry’ (a state of anger caused by lack of food) when we haven’t eaten in a while, so make sure you pack some food for you and the kids. Flights are sometimes delayed so rather than having to fork out for airport food and battle the queues in duty free, it can be a lot less stressful if you come prepared with snacks and fruit.

5) Stay active


A week by the pool or at the beach sounds like bliss, but is that what your kids want from their holiday? Try and take a day or two for fun activities like visiting a waterpark, finding a good walking path, renting bicycles, or exploring the local culture. It’s great for family bonding too, as it gives you time together away from phone screens and video games.



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