Flip-Flops – The Perfect Look For Summer

They’re perfect for the beach, the bar or simply chilling by poolside – at Travel Republic we love a good flip-flop.

Nothing screams summer more than ditching closed-toes shoes and liberating your toes, releasing them into the fresh, open air. Our feet deserve some freedom so if you haven’t already – and let’s be honest, many of us can’t help but slip on a flip-flop even when the weather is a little cooler – it’s time to dig your favourite pair out (or even treat yourself to a new pair) and wear them with pride.

Have you ever wondered how the humble flip-flop rose to prominence and became the staple footwear item in a summer wardrobe? Our infographic included here reveals some fascinating nuggets of information.

Flip-flops or Clam Diggers?

Flip-flops aren’t just popular in Ireland, they have worldwide appeal. Don’t be surprised if you get blank looks on your travels when you mention flip-flops though – in certain countries they are known as something else. In Texas, for example, they’re called ‘Clam Diggers’, in South Africa they’re ‘Plakkies’, while in New Zealand, they’re dubbed ‘Jandals’. As for Australia… well, let’s just say don’t get things confused if you’re ever visiting the country!

A history of flip-flops

Flip-flops aren’t new – they have existed for thousands of years and been worn for centuries.

It’s believed that ancient Egyptians wore them –  murals from 4000BC portray people wearing them – while the Greeks, Romans and Mesopotamians all used flip-flops, though, curiously, they each wore them slightly differently.

Where will you be wearing your flip-flops this summer…?

Whether you’re jetting off on holiday to the beautiful Balearic Islands, the gorgeous sandy beaches of the Canary Islands or chilling out by the pool under the scorching Mediterranean sun, you’ll definitely be bringing your flip-flops along with you. They are the ideal item of footwear and versatile too – ensure you take a pair to stroll across the sand in, and at least another to add a laid-back vibe to an evening outfit. And don’t be surprised if you come home from your holiday with more flip-flops than you arrived with – there’s something so addictive about buying them from beachside shops than we can’t resist.

If you’re not heading off on holiday for a few weeks or months yet, don’t forget that they’re also suited to wear closer to home – keeping your toes cool while strolling in the park, working in the office or relaxing in your garden, enjoying a BBQ with friends and family.

So here’s to the much-loved flip-flop, our favourite footwear item for the summer. For more stats and facts, including tips on how to get your feet in tip-top flip-flop condition, read our fact-packed infographic below.



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