Five Things That Make You Happy On Holiday

Holiday season is here ! Naturally holidays and happiness go hand in hand, so I thought why not look at what makes holidays such a happy time? This blog is dedicated to all things that make you happy when on holiday, get ready to feel warm and fuzzy, and possibly tempted to book your next trip!

Switching off

Holidays give us a break from the everyday routine and lets you leave all worries behind. It’s easy to switch off from everyday worries when you’re basking in the sun with a cocktail, or exploring a new city, sampling new food, or simply resting. If you really want to disconnect, why not turn your phone off and simply enjoy your surroundings? Wherever you go on holiday it’s the perfect chance to clear your mind and concentrate on one thing only: having a good time.


Let’s be honest, the weather at home is less than reliable and when you’re away (all being well) you expect the weather to behave. For beach holidays, you’ll be wanting glorious sunshine, for city breaks you’ll be wanting a comfortable temperature without rain, and of course when skiing you want the perfect snow. Bad weather at home is one of the most motivating reasons to escape on holiday, and with warm weather always guaranteed somewhere around the world you can escape any time of year. Not forgetting vitamin D is good for you, and of course the endorphins you get from the sun (just make sure you wear sunscreen).


There’s no such thing as an alarm on holiday! There’s nothing quite as satisfying as waking up without your alarm blasting in your ears and on holiday you can do that every day. Holidays give you the chance to completely relax and rest your weary body and mind. Sleep is good for you and being able to indulge in some extra hours will certainly help boost your holiday happiness.


If you’re like me then there’s no holding back on the diet when you’re away. The phrase ‘well I am on holiday’ is a perfect excuse to indulge in all the food and drink your heart desires. Trying local cuisine and new restaurants are an excellent way to spend your evenings and when you’re on holiday you have a guilt-free pass to try everything. You want that ice cream? Eat it! That steak looks good? Eat it! Whatever you want feel free to eat it because, hey you’re on holiday!!!

Spending time together

Holidays are the perfect time to spend quality time together. Everyday life can get in the way when it comes to spending time together, you’re either tired, skint or too busy. On holiday, you have bundles of free time to do whatever you want together. If you’re a couple you can enjoy romantic walks and dinners, a family can bond with days out such as water parks, friends can have fun together and if you’re a solo traveller you can enjoy your own company and have some personal reflection time. Holidays are for making memories and nothing makes you happier than that!

What makes you happy on holiday, have I missed anything out?

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