Five Reasons To Go On An All-Inclusive Holiday

An all-inclusive holiday is a very popular choice of board for holidaymakers, and there are many reasons to book, but today lets just focus on five.

Price, Price, Price

Ok it’s an obvious one but all-inclusive really is about saving money. Food? Paid for! Drinks? Paid for! Ice Cream? You bet it’s paid for!

Unlimited Ice Cream
I’ve already mentioned this but I felt like it needed to be reinforced, YOU CAN HAVE AS MUCH ICE CREAM AS YOU LIKE!

All-inclusive means you don’t have to worry about budgeting or wonder where you’re next going to eat. It’s already been planned so your main concern is how to spend your day, for me relaxing is top of the agenda.

If you have kids then an all-inclusive holiday is a great option. Kids can enjoy the independence of ordering their own drinks and ice creams, without having to ask you for money. A lot of the hotels also have kids’ clubs and playgrounds, ideal.

All-inclusive is so much more than the stereotypical buffet. There are a huge number of hotels and boards to choose from to suit your needs. For example, many hotels have multiple restaurants, and you can choose from a range of all-inclusive boards such as ‘ultra all inclusive’ and ‘all-inclusive lite’. Hint: check the hotel info on all inclusive as some offer all-inclusive on local drinks and have set times for the all-inclusive board.

If you don’t think an all inclusive holiday is for you then I suggest you reconsider. Certain destinations such as Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt and Cancun in Mexico are particularly great at all inclusive, offering a range of glamorous and affordable hotels.

Do you have a favourite all-inclusive hotel?



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