The Benefits of Booking a Holiday with a Low Deposit

There may be times when you want to book a holiday but can’t quite afford it at that moment in time, should you go for a deposit scheme? Well there are actually several benefits of booking with a low-cost deposit, here we explore them:

1) Book now pay later

It’s the most obvious reason, but basically it means you can book your much longed-for holiday now, and you don’t have to have all the money upfront.

Paying a deposit upon booking also means that when it comes to paying the balance – it’s that little bit cheaper as you’ve already paid something.

Most importantly your holiday is now secure and you can start daydreaming about being on that beach, or by the pool, with the ones you love!

2) Make planning easier

By booking a holiday with a low deposit, it gives you more time to plan your holiday – holidays can need a lot of arranging; time off work, child or pet care, passports etc. So, the more notice you have the better.

Not to mention the planning of activities and schedule for when you’re there and buying any necessaries before you go – both of these are also better planned in advance, giving you time to research or save for a new swimsuit!

3) Time to save

Booking a holiday with a low deposit gives you time to save, or even just means that you can book now, and not have to wait until pay-day.

Knowing you have a holiday booked also helps to focus your priorities, which can help keep your saving plan on the straight and narrow – and as your dream holiday is waiting for you at the end, it doesn’t feel too difficult either!

4) Know your price

Everyone knows that both flight and hotel prices can increase the nearer you get to the date of departure. By booking a holiday with a low deposit you know exactly where you stand with the balance, plus, you are pretty likely to secure a lower price compared to waiting to book and pay, just before going.

A low deposit booking gives you peace of mind because you know your price.



By securing your holiday now using our Low Holiday Deposit scheme, from €49 per person, and the great deals in our January Sale you can book now, dream now and pay later.

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