8 Things To Do In Kusadasi

Kusadasi has become a favourite destination for Irish visitors over the last few years looking for sun, sea and fun, with some history thrown in too! Ancient sites such as Priene and the natural beauty of the Dilek Peninsula are tourist attractions that will convince even the most adamant sun-worshiping tourist to brush off the sand and head out on a day trip for some sightseeing.

8 Things to do in Kusadasi

We take a look at just some of the things Kusadasi has to offer.


Spend the day at one of Kusadasi’s many beaches

Visit Ladies Beach with its powdery sand, the crystal-clear water of Long Beach, ideal for swimming and water sports, Love Beach, located near Genclik Camp, a perfect place to swim & relax, and a variety of others along the 40km coastline. Whatever ones you choose they are all just beautiful.

8 Things to do in Kusadasi


Explore Pigeon Island and visit the museum

Pigeon Island, also known as Bird Island, is the symbol of Kusadasi and where the name Kusadasi (meaning Bird Island) originated from. The island was used for military purposes during the Ottoman Era and before, as the location of the island was strategic for securing the shores and preventing the attacks from the sea. The Byzantine castle standing on the rocks, used against pirates, is known as “Pirate Castle”. Visit the Museum or simply sit down and enjoy the panoramic view of Kusadasi.

8 Things to do in Kusadasi

Spend the day whizzing down the slides at Adaland or Aqua Fantasy

Adaland and Aqua Fantasy are the two main waterparks in Kusadasi. Spend the racing down slides with names such as Black Thunder and Kamikaze, join in with the rain dance or simply take the relaxing option and float around the Lazy River on a rubber ring.

8 Things to do in Kusadasi

Visit the town of Selcuk

Selcuk, a small town 20 minutes away from Kusadasi and close to Ephesus, the site of the Virgin Mary’s house, is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Turkey. Visit the Castle, The Basilica of St John and the Isa Bey mosque. You should also try the famous (and very delicious) ‘çöp ?i?’ (small chunks of grilled lamb and fat) in one of the many restaurants.

8 Things to do in Kusadasi

Take a day trip to Izmir

Izmir is Turkey’s third largest city and 85km’s away from Kusadasi. It is cosmopolitan and lively with palm-lined promenades full of bars, restaurants, cafes and shops. In June/July Izmir is host to an International Arts Festival and in August/September the International Fair is held in the Alsancak district.

8 Things to do in Kusadasi


Swim in the Cave of Zeus

Hidden away by trees and flowers before the entrance to the National Park you’ll find the secret and mystical Cave of Zeus. It’s often one of the last stops on a jeep safari as the sparkling clear and deep mineral water inside the cave makes it a perfect place to swim. It’s extremely cold during the summer and is a real welcome relief from the searing heat.

8 Things to do in Kusadasi


Marvel at the views of Kusadasi at the top of Ataturk Hill

Overlooking Pigeon Island, you will see a statue of the famous Ataturk, who was the founder of the Republic of Turkey. The views from the top are arguably the best in Kusadasi with a panoramic view over the entire bay. The road leading to the top is steep, so getting a taxi is the best way to travel there.

8 Things to do in Kusadasi


Go Scuba Diving

Discover the underwater world of Kusadasi on a scuba diving adventure. There are three main locations for diving in Kusadasi bay – the shore dive, Barabaros Reef and Adabanko Reef. There are many Diving centres in Kusadasi, the most popular being Aqua Venture, where various scuba diving programmes and certificates are available.

8 Things to do in Kusadasi


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